Commissioner Hyacinth Richardson


PHILIPSBURG, St. Maarten – As commissioner of Cultural Affairs I am a strong believer in preserving and promoting St. Maarten’s culture in whatever form, style and fashion. Lending support for cultural activities is as natural as breathing a breath of fresh air or a drink of pure water, because culture represents the spirit and resilience of our people.

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Carnival is a people’s manifestation that has become a significant part of our annual cultural agenda. All persons in St. Maarten and the surrounding islands look forward in joining in with us in our celebration.


Government being an important stakeholder to carnival, a national celebration is committed to supporting Carnival in kind as well as financially, however any organization charged with organizing the event must live up to standard conditions of corporate laws regulating funding and giving of account to such funding.


To ensure that St.Maarten Carnival Development Foundation remains in compliance with its obligations, duties or commitments government has appointed an Emergency Task Force that will act in a supervisory capacity to the carnival foundation to create an environment wherein it may be possible for the foundation to fulfill its objective.

The task Force will make specific recommendations to the Carnival Development Foundation during the course of Carnival and ultimately report its findings, experience and recommendations to the Executive Council of the 2010 carnival as well as the future of Carnival two weeks after the festivity has burn "King Momo".


The Commissioner of Culture Mr. Hyacinth Richardson hereby wishes the people of St.Maarten, visitors and revelers a safe, sound and happy carnival 2010.