What does it really mean?


I would like someone to give me the correct definition of the word consensus. What does it really mean? My interpretation of the word is that we agree (with emphasis on the word agree) on a particular subject or procedure and so on. I guess by now some of you will conclude that I am talking about the Consensus Kingdom Laws. It appears that consensus according to Mr. Johan Remkes member of the Second Chamber has to do with majority not equality. In other words whether you agree or protest majority rules. Can this be placed under the heading of the column of Democratic Deficit? The focus of members of the Dutch Second Chamber is mainly on the Police Force of the Netherlands Antilles under the guise of justice of course. My conclusion has always been that it was a matter of control. I realized this attempt which began sometime in 1999 with a presentation of the introduction of the NAVAS system at the Immigration department on St. Maarten. One of the statements by a member of the Second Chamber has been that the Dutch Kingdom sorry I mean the Netherlands is responsible to the international community (United States) for Law and Order in all parts of the Kingdom. I cannot agree more but I wonder why not include Education, Health Care, Social Welfare, Pension and Sports Facilities just to name a few? But the main focus is the Police Force for now that the Finances have been locked down. It is a pity that there was no interpreter of the debate that was being broadcast by Radio Souliga 99.9 FM in the Dutch language. Most if not many of our citizens don’t understand or even speak the Dutch language thanks to our educational system that has forgotten that we live in a Dutch Kingdom, unfortunate because decisions taken during these debates will have serious consequences for our future and that of future generations. Where do we go from here? We have never said we don’t need assistance, we have said that there has to be mutual agreement. But I will continue to say if you live in somebody else’s house you have to follow their rules or get your own. There is a total of ten Kingdom Consensus Laws to be handled. If statement by members of the Dutch Chamber continues in this vein it means that self-determination by the people of the islands will be trampled under foot. This is the time for all of us as representatives of the people especially those now in the Hague to stand united in purpose and remain resolve to accomplish that which the people have elected us to do. Painful in all this is that the rest of the world so far is turning a blind eye to the process. We don’t have oil or other minerals that can be a reason why. Consensus for whom.

George Pantophlet Senator/Councilman

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