Philipsburg- NAGICO Insurances recently made contributions to the Windward Islands Emergency Medical Services (WIEMS) and Friends of the Island Government Fire Fighters (FIGFFF) Foundations. Both foundations fulfill vital roles in our community

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The WIEMS carries out volunteer emergency medical care services through the use of an ambulance during walk-a-thons and Carnival celebrations. The Friends of the Island Government Fire Fighters Foundation carries out various volunteer works such as the cleaning and painting of grave sights and sports activity with students, promoting good sportsmanship among the youth.


NAGICO Insurances Customer Service Manager Mrs. Gervaise Schoobaar-Maynard made the presentation to WIEMS President Ms. Maria Chemont and President of the FIGFFF, Mr. Antonio Gibs. Mrs. Schoobaar-Maynard stated: "At NAGICO Insurances we strive for excellent customer care and community relationships. Due to their limited resources, we recognize that non-profit organizations face many challenges. We are pleased to support whenever possible to enable them to execute their tasks."


Ms. Chemont and Mr. Gibs expressed their gratitude to NAGICO Insurances for the company’s generous contribution to their respective foundations.