Fun day for Belvedere and Union farm Kids


On Saturday, April 10th the Belvedere Home Owners and Tenants Association ( BHOTA) in collaboration with the Police Department held a fun day for the children of the Belvedere and Union farm communities. This fun day was called "Cops for Kids" and it was organized by BHOTA

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The idea of this fun day was to take the children out of their everyday environment and let them have fun some where else. The idea was also for them to make a connection with the police and to let them know that the police is there to protect, serve and guide them. Close to one hundred children ranging between the ages of 8 to 15 years took part in this fun day. The fun day started 10.00 a.m. with a bicycle ride from the Belvedere/ Union farm/ French Quarter area to Philipsburg. The riders were guided by the Police Bike patrols through the streets

Those children who did not have a bicycle were transported by bus to the police sub-station on the Cyrus Wathey Square. There the children were allowed to interact with each other, the police and other persons walking on the Board Walk. They were allowed to swim and the they were given a boat tour on the police boat in the Great bay harbour. They were treated to lunch and they had Ice cream for dessert. At 02.00 p.m. the group of riders hopped back on their bikes and those that came on the bus got on the bus and headed back to Belvedere and Union Farm area. There the fun day came to a happy ending. It was a very successful and fun filled day out with the kids. The police dept. looks forward to working with any organization that planning doing any positive events or projects with the youth. Great Job BHOTA.