The titans of calypso on St. Maarten

The titans of calypso on St. Maarten will converge on the Celebration Palace on Saturday, April 10 to start their quest of dethroning reigning Calypso Monarch King Beau Beau. Showtime is 8:00pm, entrance fee is only US $5. Eighteen (18) calypsonians will take the stage, 10 will move on to the finals to face the king. 

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The Senior Calypso Eliminations will be the first event of the Carnival season. The St. Maarten Carnival Development Foundation (SCDF), citing the success of the show over the last few years, is urging the general public to come out on April 10 and get the excitement started Carnival 2010, "Sweet Revelry Again".

Competing in the Calypso Eliminations will be: Barrow, Fox, Bongo, Magic, The Emerald, Lady Baker, Baker Jr., Mighty Pepper, King Jacko, Genius, Brat, Mighty Dow, Young Dow, Stunky, Chester York, Fish da Boss, Mighty Carlix and D Moniter. As reigning Monarch, Beau Beau does not have to compete in the elimination.

"It’s appropriate that we open the Carnival season with our biggest local event," President of the SCDF Gina Illidge said. "We are very happy with the amount of calypsonians that have registered to take part in the competition this year. We expect some great social commentary from them so this is not something anyone should miss," Illidge said.