Lower House Elections Voting from the Netherlands Antilles

On Wednesday, June 9, the Lower House Elections will be held. Do you want to vote from the Netherlands Antilles? 

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That is possible, if you have lived for at least ten years in the Netherlands or if you are employed in the Dutch public service. In the latter case, your

Dutch partner and children (18 years+ living at home) can also vote.

Pay attention! With the European elections, all Dutch residents of the Netherlands Antilles and Aruba were entitled to vote. This is not the case for the Lower House elections.

You comply with the conditions, and you want to vote?

You will then have to register by filling out a registration form, printing it and mailing it. Don’t forget to add your certificate of Dutch nationality (a

copy of your passport or ID card). The form must be received no later than Tuesday, April 27.

You can find the registration form:

– via www.uheefthetvoorhetzeggen.nl or www.denhaag.nl

– at the Representation of the Netherlands in the Netherlands Antilles, Scharlooweg 55, Curaçao

– at the Windward Islands office of the Representation of the Netherlands in the Netherlands Antilles (VNP) in St. Maarten, Front

Street 26 (Convent Building).

Voters in the Netherlands Antilles and Aruba can send their completed registration form to the municipality of The Hague, or send it to/deliver it at the Representation of the Netherlands. Did you register earlier as a voter abroad for the Lower House elections in 2006? Only then will the registration form be sent automatically to you. If in the meantime you have moved, you yourself will have to notify the municipality of The Hague (Dienst Burgerzaken, Bureau Verkiezingen, postbus 12620, 2500 DL Den Haag or e-mail: ve**********@db*.nl).

Further information:

For questions regarding this registration, you can contact the Registration Bureau for Voters outside the Netherlands (Registratie Bureau Kiezers

Buiten Nederland) at telephone +31 (0) 70-3534400, e-mail: ve**********@db*.nl. For more information, please visit the website www.uheefthetvoorhetzeggen.nl.

In addition, you can contact the Representation of the Netherlands in the Netherlands Antilles in Curaçao, tel. (09) 434 3200, or with the VNP office in St. Maarten, tel. (05) 430 140/41.