PEACE IS Partners with SMVTS on Violence Prevention Week

In a conscious effort to help to eliminate the violence in their school, the SXM Vocational Training School in partnership with the PEACE IS Foundation hosted its first "Violence Prevention Week" from March 22nd – 26th 2010. 

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The week of activities included various Guest Speakers from different backgrounds, a poster competition and a mini talent show. Guest Speakers for the week included: Stacy-Ann Violenus, Hubert Davis and Benson Richardson (former students); Timothy Simmons (inmate), Byron Isebia (Probation Officer) and Pastor Stephane Brooks.

The "Poster Competition" saw a few students depicting the message of non-violence in their own creative way. The judges for the competition, Vernon Richards (Principal SMVTS), Dorothy Lake (Asst. to Commissioner William Marlin) and Peta-Gaye Harriott (PEACE IS Foundation) ended up with a tie between Chanella Jean and Jude Alexis. In the end the winning poster was decided by applause from the students and was awarded to Jerino Stevens, whose poster depicted dual messages; how the use of a knife could result in death, and two friends embracing, with the message "Say no to Violence and Say Yes to Friendship". Second place went to Chanella Jean, third place Jude Alexis and fourth place Cennieke Charles.

Along with the judging of the poster competition, the week ended with a mini talent show and a sports day. Accepting on the students’ behalf, Gym Instructor Arrifin Tadimoeljo accepted a package of 2 First Aid Kits, 5 Basketballs and 5 Soccer Balls from the PEACE IS Foundation.

The week of activities is the kick-start to a series of initiatives being planned by the school, aimed at reducing violence. PEACE IS commends the staff, especially Guidance Councilor Ms. Natasha Richardson, for planning and coordinating such timely and well needed activities.

PEACE IS Foundation is a non-profit organization formed in 2007, with a mandate to forge meaningful partnerships to encourage acceptance, caring and empowerment in schools.