Leader of the Democratic Party on Saba, Mr. Dave Levenstone

Leader of the Democratic Party on Saba, Mr. Dave Levenstone said that the community of Saba is still waiting to hear from the Commissioners within the Executive Council of Saba in regards to their so called extended working visit to the island of Curacao last week.

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The Commissioner of General Affairs in making the announcement of their trip stated that he would have kept the community of Saba abreast of what and how the discussions were going while on Curacao. Many within the Saban community that follows the news on a daily basis is still awaiting some form of information in regards to the many meetings that the Commissioners should have attended while on the Island Territory of Curacao.

I really hope that the trip to Curacao was not one in which the commissioners went to witness the swearing in ceremony alone and to have a good time and to get away from the Saba people as has become the order of the day. After all it is with taxpayer’s money this extended trip was made and people are very much curious to hear what the outcome of the many meetings was.

Especially the civil servants are eager to hear what has been discussed that relates to them as many of them are hoping that the new job description process that has been started will bring in some extra money for them at the end of April 2010.

Residents of The Bottom and St. John’s are also very much interested in hearing from the Commissioners where it pertains to the landfill and the solutions surrounding the burning of this area on a weekly basis. The Executive Council recently stated that they were busy working on this and was hoping to have it regulated before the end of 2010. We know that trying to solve this will take several months, but we want to hold the Commissioners politically responsible for finding the ultimate solutions Mr. Levenstone stated.

Levenstone said that last week he considered the visit to Curacao as a waste of taxpayer’s money a position that he maintains and he is now challenging the Commissioners to prove him wrong and come and let us as a people know what have they achieved while in Willemstad on behalf of the Saban people. I hope that this trip will not end up like the trip that they made to Miami last year and the many trips that they have made to the island of Nevis.

I look forward in the Commissioners coming to the people in a mature and businesslike manner and not in an emotional and personal outburst as they have become accustom to.

The people have a right to know what went down.