Youth Extravaganza for Carnival 2010


Young talented persons who are interested in participating in the Youth Extravaganza for Carnival 2010, "Sweet Revelry Again", can still register to do so. The youth extravaganza is the only night on the annual Carnival schedule that St. Maarten’s youth can claim at the Festival Village

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The event was officially added to the Carnival calendar in 2000 and has consistently been the second largest local show in terms of attendance, eclipsed only by the Senior Calypso Finals.

Young people who would like to showcase their talent in singing, dancing, rapping, modeling, acting, instrument playing are all invited to register. Interested young bands can also use the opportunity to introduce themselves, via music, to their peers.

"The Youth Extravaganza for years has been a good, positive event for us," President of the SCDF Gina Illidge said. "Young people tend to support each other so attendance has not been an issue. We would like to see a variety of performers this year to continue the trend of a positive, exciting display of young talent," she added.

Interested young persons can register by calling 5220509 or 5221366. Registration has to take place by Thursday, April 8. A meeting will also be held on that day at the Government Administration Building at 5:30pm.

Photo caption: Last year’s Youth Extravaganza featured popular radio host Shamrock (left) as the MC and local star rapper Versatile as the headliner for the event.