Ground breaking ceremony


Friday March 26th was the ground breaking ceremony for the basket ball court.

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The ceremony started at 4:30pm on friday Com. of sports Frans Richardson and Com H.Richardson were present.

Contractors Windward Roads was aslo present the ceremony take in dutch Quarter next to the community center .acording the staments then court is delayed 15years . Mr Buitenhuis was on hand  to say a few words the President  of DQ foundation also spoke  and said he would like to see the young men of DQ to also work on this project by giving them jobs . He also said that he hope the DQ community will be given the task to take of the new basket ball court because the  can do a good job .The rep of sports and fitness wellfare Mr Les Brown was also on hand and that he would like to see the whole  DQ  commuinty give it there all to take care of this new venture .

The Com of sports also invited the rep of USONA the projectadviser to say a word .

Mr Frans Richardson said the DQ community could be proud of such a project and call on all x basket ball players to pitch in and help the younger one to progress in sports. and also call on all to be apart of the developement .

The project should take about 1  to  4 months to be complete.

Windward Roads    CLaudio Buitenhuis

DQ President Sidney De Weever

Sports and Fitness Mr Les Brown

Com Frans Richardson and Henry D. Warkasing USONA Projectadviser