WIB Kompa Leon Mascot Introduced to St.Maarten

Costumed mascots are commonplace & are regularly used as goodwill ambassadors in the community for their team, company or organization. 

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On Thursday March 25th 2010, WIB introduced their very own Kompa Leon Mascot.

At MCB, the mascot was introduced years ago & WIB always used theirs for their events.

Now, they can do even more than their events, since the intention is for Kompa Leon to be a positive influence for the community of St.Maarten & especially for the children. Be it for education or for the HIV awareness, Mr.Kompa Leon will be there to encourage the community.

The following were present during the launching of the Mascot:

Deputy Managing Director: Mr. Derek Downes


Deputy Managing Director: Mr. Fraser MacDonald


Managing Director: Mr. Jan J. Beaujon


Asst. Managing Director: Mr. Kelvin Bloyden

Dolores Peterson, Manager WIB Bankcard Services




He will be making an appearance at the mini car show on the Boardwalk on Friday March 26th 2010 & then on April 4th 2010 at Belle Plain in French Quarter for the Velasques annual Easter Egg Hunt.

He will also be making appearances at the Annual WIB Block Party, WIB Car Show, visiting schools, going to Statia & Saba.