Parents can get their children vaccinated at Lion’s Club Health & Wellness Fair on Saturday

Parents can get their children vaccinated this Saturday at the 2nd Sint Maarten Lion’s Club Health & Wellness Fair. 

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Youth Health Care (YHC) representatives will be manning a booth with reps from the White & Yellow Cross Baby Clinic from 10.00am to 6.00pm at the Sint Maarten Festival Village.

Vaccinations will be available for the age group 0 through 17.

YHC will administer vaccinations to four-year olds and older whether they are in school or not. The Measles, Mumps and Rubella (MMR) and DTPolio will be given, and for children born as of January 1st 2000 who did not complete their Hepatitis B will also receive the latter.

Parents and guardians are urged to make use of this opportunity and to bring along with them their child’s vaccination cards/records even if they were given out by another organization.

YHC has changed its vaccination schedule and all children between four and nine-years of age will now get their second MMR vaccine at four years of age.

The DTPolio vaccination will continue to be given when the child is nine-years of age.

Other changes in the vaccination schedule apply to children between two and 12 months of age.

Parents are reminded to make sure that their children between the ages of 0-17 are up to date with their vaccinations which are necessary in order to reduce the risk of vaccine-preventable diseases.

Immunization is a way of protecting children against serious vaccine preventable diseases. Once a person has been fully vaccinated, their bodies can fight those diseases if one comes into contact with them.