Florida Leon County Signs Proclamation with TLH-SXMF

Expanding on the relations and the Partnership with the City of Tallahassee

On Tuesday 23 March 2010, the day that President Obama of the United States of America signed a historic health bill into law in Washington, D.C., a monumental event also became a reality in Tallahassee Florida. Bob Rackleff, Chairman of the Leon County Board of County Commissioners signed a Proclamation with Executive Director Arthur (Arturo) Lugisse of Tallahassee-St.Maarten Foundation, (TLH-SXMF) on behalf of Commissioner William Marlin.  

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Commissioner Marlin who, during his last visit to Tallahassee instructed Mr.Lugisse to pursue this relationship, which could benefit St.Maarten on becoming a country. It was felt that it would be beneficial to have both the City and the County available to assist in St.Maarten’s development as a Country come 10-10-2010. The joint relationships would be beneficial in formulating strategies to develop expertise in infrastructure, environment, human resources’, health, police matters, EMS, metrology , agriculture, fire department , technology, arts and culture, sports, financial options, and assorted Joint ventures.

The Leon County Government has always been supportive of the ongoing relationship with St.Maarten and Commissioner Bill Proctor has traveled to St.Maarten approximately five times in the past 10years. During his last visit Commissioner Proctor had several meetings on the Dutch Side and French side, including a meeting with President Frantz Gumbs, who was then a representative of the education system in St.Martin. Commissioner’s Proctor reason for that meeting was to lay the groundwork for Tallahassee students to come to St.Martin to learn French instead of sending them to France based on the Partnership Agreement with Dutch St.Maarten.

Commissioner Proctor has also indicated his willingness to assist in sharing programs with St.Maarten that can address youth issues such as juvenile delinquency and gang development. Now that the TLH-SXMF office is operational there is a vehicle in place to bring many competencies, expertise, and programs to St.Maarten that could benefit both the Public and Private Sectors of the Island based on the close relationship with both the City and the County. It is in that vain we invite request from the Public and Private Sectors to take up the challenge for future developments based on the Strategic Plan that was developed by FAVACA with the collaboration of the then head of the Economic Development Department of St.Maarten Diana-Fleming-Hendrickson who is still in contact with us on the on going process of the Partnership.

We know that in order for this undertaking to be successful we must have the continued involvement of our partners and supporters in both the public and private sectors, such as Public and Private Sectors of St.Maarten and Tallahassee, ,and our partnership with Victorious Living in St.Maarten and Calvin Mardembrough, our Government liaison for the foundation. Commissioner William Marlin confirmed his support to TLH-SXMF based on the positive profile of affairs conducted in his presence by Mr.Lugisse and his team at TLH-SXMF.

Bernard Hunt at the Sonesta Maho Beach Hotel & Casino has also provided a package to promote St. Maarten in Tallahassee with the objective of attracting Floridians from this part of the state to visit the island as part of tourism development.


TLH-SXMF Chairman Mr. Ben Harris, Tallahassee Florida