Minister of Justice Magali Jacoba has issued a passionate appeal to all undocumented Haitians

The Minister of Justice Magali Jacoba has issued a passionate appeal to all Haitians who are undocumented to make full use of the opportunity being offered by her Ministry. 

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The Minister’s appeal comes in the wake of a massive campaign which seeks to registered all illegal Haitians as a result of the devastating earthquake which left thousands dead and many more displaced.

Minister Jacoba said that the new arrangement which is being executed at the Salvation Army conference room, Colebay, seeks to ensure that all illegal Haitians on the island are given a proper opportunity to register to avoid deportation as such. She’s is making continues appeal for all to take notice of.

The Minister admitted that she do understand that many may be confuse in one way or another as the premiere focus of such as initiative stressing that it is better for them to register thus guaranteeing that they can stay on the island until the expiration date. This, she noted will be given to them either in August or December this year.

The Justice Minister also expressed concern that since the establishment of this new initiative only 700 Haitians have registered. She pointed out that it has slowed down for the past two days. She stressed that all Haitians should utilize the offer declaring that this arrangement comes to an end on March 31st this year