IMC’s EU-TEL Easter Grabble Ton Promotion

St. Eustatius Telecommunications Company EU-TEL will be launching an Easter Grabble Ton promotion developed by Innovative Marketing Creations (IMC) with over 230 prizes eligible to be won for two weeks to kick off the Easter holidays starting Wednesday March 23rd. 

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"We are very excited about the EU-TEL Easter promotion. It serves as an element of the redesigning of the EU-TEL brand and image process and this gives us the opportunity to involve EU-TEL customers with EU-TEL’s growth into an improved and modernized company while giving back in a fun and inviting way", said Jacqueline Louis, General Manager IMC.

Customers will get the opportunity to win the grand prize of the EU-TEL silver package which includes a Nokia 6500 + Chippie SIM card, NAF 20,- credit, 4x$10 Chippie phone cards and 1 month free internet subscription. Additionally customers will also have the chance to win a Samsung E-1080, $10 and $5 Chippie phone cards, 5% discount vouchers on EU-TEL products and services and much more.

IMC has created an Easter Grabble Ton basket containing winning eggs. Customers will get a chance to dig into the basket when they make a payment of bills or register for EU-TEL services, purchase an EU-TEL service or product (phone cards, cellular phones, etc.) or complete an EU-TEL survey.

The promotion is strictly in-store and will be placed at EU-TEL Head Quarters. Participating outlets with EU-TEL products/services such as phone card sales will not be included for Grabble-Ton ticket stubs.

EU-TEL’s Easter Grabble Ton is valid from March 23rd through April 3rd for more information contact Jacqueline Louis or Milouschka Euson at (599) 543 2150/51 or jl****@ey***.net