Tourism Bureau, Archaeology Center students, plant tree at St.Dominic School

National Tree Day was observed on Monday, March 22 by the students at the St. Dominic High School planted a Flamboyant tree at the rear of the school premises. 

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This initiative is actually between the St. Maarten Tourism Bureau and the St. Maarten Archeology Center, SIMARC headed by Dr. Jay Haviser.

Tourism Bureau’s Edward Dest gave a short speech on behalf of Tourism Department Head, Regina Labega. Dest said that it was important to create awareness of the importance of trees in our environment.

"We jointly planted trees at various locations to stress the point that progress and environmental conservation are not enemies. [These] trees continue to grow today and are a daily reminder that if we work with nature, nature will work with us. This is the main message we can draw from the theme: ‘Youth and Nature Working Together.’ Youth and nature, indeed, are natural allies."

"On this National Tree Day, our youth will be actively involved in planting the Flamboyant tree in the environment where they function the most: at their schools. Six secondary schools have been chosen for this event, and it is hoped that this would be seen as an example for other schools and youth organizations to follow."

Dest pointed out that there was also the need to work together.

It was just not an initiative to enhance public-private partnership, but also in recognition of the need for a collaborative effort.

Haviser concurred, and extended the thought that trees are important both naturally and culturally.

According to Haviser trees are beautiful, they provide us with fruits, they provide us with clean, fresh air, and they are in some cases landmarks, so it is important that we value and preserve trees. On this day, because trees are such an important part of our community, we need to show appreciation and respect. We ask the entire community to take a moment today and appreciate a tree, perhaps plant a tree in your yard or simply provide some water and fertilizer, but do step back and feel proud of these majestic natural partners in our community.

Two students of St. Dominic High, Rohid Premkumar and Jonathon van Arneman, also part of SIMARC, shared some words with the small gathering. They said that we have to appreciate trees more, and to inform the public about the need for such, and to avoid cutting trees down.