Minister of Justice Magali Jacoba Meeting on Win Win Agrement

Minister of Justice, Magali Jacoba, had her regular meeting to evaluate the trajectory of the Win Win Agreement (WWA). 

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The WWA is an agreement between the Police Force, Lt Governors of Saba, St. Eustatius, and St Maarten, the Public Prosecutor‘s office, the Minister of Justice, and the Unions. The WWA is to strengthen the Police Force and to facilitate the necessary changes in order for the Force to become formal and balanced.

The meeting was very fruitful. The Force gave a presentation of the different processes which are being executed. For example, hard work is being done to fix the internal organization. Soon there will be a better administrative system to deal with the personnel as well as with documents. The appointment of a new Chief of Police can also be expected soon. The different ongoing developments indicate that the Police Force is on the right track and can rest assure that country St. Maarten will have a high level functioning Police Force.