Once more Commissioner Hyacinth Richardson welcomes another person to the public health sector

With great pride and honor the Commissioner of Labour, Social Affairs and Public Health is happy to introduce to the people of St. Maarten, Mrs. Carmelita Smits-Rombley as the newly appointed Executive Assistant (Directiesecretaris) of Public Health, Social Development and Labour, Mrs. Carmelita Smits-Rombley has been holding this position as of February 1st 2010. 

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This capable and aspiring lady has lived in the Netherlands for 14 years. In which time she has achieved (a post doctorate degree) Master’s in Business Administration and acquired several other diplomas. Her employment track record being equally as outstanding shows that she has held several critical top-ranking advisory positions in the specialized field of planning and control within various government ministries and private enterprises in the Netherlands.

To add, Mrs. Carmelita Smits-Rombley has manned her self-owned consultancy agency geared towards providing complex Management, Financial Reporting and Taxation business plans and assisting persons with tax returns thus showcasing Mrs. Carmelita Smits-Rombley as a highly educated, skilled, talented and altruistic young St. Maarten professional. With all her expertise and specialization, Mrs. Carmelita Smits-Rombley is modest; "stating that she considers herself to be a generalist in the areas of business and public administration who enjoys meeting people and spending time with her family".

In her own words, she further expressed that she is joyous to have returned home to seek employment and confidently said that she is proud to have been able to join the team at Sector Public Health, Social Development and Labour, because she intends to create structured procedures for the department to function more effectively and intends to create structured procedures for the various departments of the sector to function more effectively and efficiently during and after Country St. Maarten’s transitional period.

Furthermore, Mrs. Carmelita Smits-Rombley sees this position as one that will further enable her to acquire her professional ambitions of attaining a Registercontroller Diploma and developing a Work Ethics Program for young St. Maarten professionals.

Her tasks at the department are numerous. Therefore, in order for Mrs. Carmelita Smits-Rombley to execute them with her usually high proficiency she will require the full co-operation of all government departments and the general public.

To which, Commissioner – Hyacinth Richardson expressed that he happily looks forward to working with Mrs. Carmelita Smits-Rombley and welcomes her as a new addition to the Public Health, Social Development and Labour Sector. He further re-stated that one of his missions as Commissioner of Public Health, Social Development and Labour is to attract local professionals to fill available vacancies within the island Government. The Commissioner further pledged to continue to bring young ambitious persons back to St. Maarten to assist in strengthening Country St. Maarten and urges the private sector to do the same.