Curaçao recommended as holiday destination

WILLEMSTAD — Curaçao is listed in the top 10 of Sherman’s Travel of holiday destinations in the Caribbean area that are worthwhile visiting. NEWS ARTICLE TAKEN FROM WWW.AMIGOE.COM  

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Todd Connor announced the aforementioned during a news-coverage of ABC News Now this month, in which he interviewed editor Arabella Bowen of the magazine on this publication.

According to Bowen, there is a current increase of specials from America to the Caribbean area, with amongst others more direct flights. These specials will continue throughout the entire year, according to her.
Curaçao, which Bowen calls ‘the Miami of the Caribbean area’, is one of the current top destinations on the list. She finds that Curaçao is rather an island for urbanites than for beach lovers. There was a distinct boom in hotel developments during the past year. In that, Bowen names the Renaissance Resort & Casino, and the Hyatt Regency Golf Resort, Spa & Marina – Curaçao’s first complete beach resort with a peninsula. Bowen also commends Kurá Hulanda Spa & Casino, especially the museum. She advises the tourists to visit both the hotel and the museum even if they are not staying at Kurá Hulanda. She explains that this is the home base of the only slavery museum in the Caribbean area. Furthermore, the hotel is located in a district that is protected by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) as world heritage.
The historic, colonial Dutch buildings in the city centre of Willemstad are also included on UNESCO’s world heritage list. Bowen calls the old buildings ‘a transplantation of North-European villages to the Caribbean area’. She states that the colorful walls with white glazed façades are not a typical Caribbean experience. Lastly, Bowen names the ‘Jewish Cultural Historical Museum’ located in Punda. The synagogue is a cultural inheritance from the Jews who had emigrated from Europe to Curaçao centuries ago. It is also the oldest synagogue still in use in the Western Hemisphere.
The other islands mentioned on the list, regard Anguilla, Antigua, British Virgin Islands, the Dominican Republic, Grenada, Jamaica, St. Lucia, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, and the city Vieques in Puerto Rico.
For more information on the magazine and the top 10 list: or for the complete video-fragment.