American couple thinks they found Holloway’s skeleton


WILLEMSTAD — The Lancester Online announced that the Americans John and Patti Muldowney think they perhaps unintentionally took pictures of Natalee Holloway’s skeleton while snorkeling during their holiday on Aruba.


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They gave the pictures to the FBI.

Patti Muldowney (62) had taken the underwater pictures and it was only after having developed them, the couple from Rapho Township saw something that looked suspiciously like mortal remains. John Muldowney (78): "You see fish. You see some reeves, and then you see the body lying on its back."

They showed the picture to friends and the local police. "I showed it to my doctor", says Muldowney before the Lancester. "He said it looked like the body had been weighed down by stones."

John Muldowney has the feeling it could be the skeleton of Natalee Holloway, the 18-year old who disappeared on Aruba in May 2005. "It seems strange that the girl had never been seen again, and here we are, right along the coastline, exactly where she had disappeared, and the body is lying there."
According to the newspaper, the FBI in Philadelphia forwarded the pictures to senior investigators in the Caribbean.