Police Report: Police recuits get sworn in

The six police recruits who are presently on Sint Maarten to finalize their training, have taken the "oath" this morning March 18th in A.C. Whatey Legislative Hall of the Government Arministration Building.

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The oath these recruits have taken is a temporary one. The course these recruits are taking is a practical training which has a duration of six weeks. They will be functioning under guidance and instruction of a mentor. After finalizing this course an evaluation will be done do determine if the recuits have done so succesfully and if so they will then officially take up the task as an full fledge police officer.

The oath was taken by the Lt. Governor Mr. Franklin Richards in his capacity as Local Chief of Police. Also present was the Acting Chief of Police Commissioner Ademar Doran and the Public Relation and Communication Officer of the Police department, Inspector Ricardo Henson. During the ceremony both the Lt. Governor mr. Franklin Richards and Commissioner Ademar Doran gavethe recruits words of encouragement, explained them of the pro’s and con’s they will encounter during their training and gave them their best wishes.