Public Meeting on Housing postponed; Island Council & Executive Council Meeting March 17th & 18th


The following is a Statement release from the leader of the Democratic Party, Mrs.Sarah Wescot-Williams:

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After the press conference of Monday March 15th 2010, we received notice that the Central Committee requested by the DP regarding Public Housing can not be held due to the absence of the Chair and Vice-Chair of this committee; that the one requested to get answers from the Executive Council on the matter of government subsidy will be held on March 18th and that the Island Council meeting on the Budget and the Labor situation, as requested by the DP and adjourned due to the lack of a quorum will be held on March 17th at 10 am. Nothing yet from the Government on the Draft Budget 2010.

With respect to the Central Committee on the matter of Public Housing as mentioned above, the chair of the Central Committee is seemingly of the opinion that in the absence of the Chair and the Vice-Chair of this committee, the committee is not obliged to convene a meeting as requested and thereby throws the stipulation that requested meetings must be held within a week to the wind, as no further indication is given as to when this meeting will be held. Interestingly though, there will be a meeting of the same Central Committee on March 18th for another agenda point requested by the DP.

In this manner, all the government has to do is ensure that Chair and Vice-Chair are not available for Central Committee meetings and the Democratic process is nicely thwarted.

On behalf of the DP,

Sarah Wescot-Williams