Mr. Friendly’s grand arrival, a smiling fact!

The St. Maarten born brown pelican made his first appearance during the Port De Plasaince annual ChildFest last Sunday, leaving children with a lasting impression and a focus of being friendly to their family, friends and everyone they meet.  

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Mr. Friendly’s promise to bringing back the friendly island proved itself undeniably as thousands of kids lined up to play Mr. Friendly games, including the Mr. Friendly Water Balloon Catch and the MR. Friendly Feeder, where after they publicly announced and signed their Child Certificate Pledges vowing to be friendly.

"Mr. Friendly’s arrival was truly a smiling fact. Children were extremely excited to meet him and learn his friendly principals, our goal was to create a learning atmosphere where children could meet with Mr. Friendly and take with them his valuable lessons, and with the great participation of pledging, we certainly accomplished that", stated SuperHost

Mr. Friendly took part in the mascot parade and introduced himself during the afternoon previous to the various talent expos that took place in Child Fest’s center stage. Children were able meet, greet, hug and have their pictures taken with the friendly mascot during the entire day of activities.

SuperHost also declared that there will be a lot more to be seen of Mr. Friendly. The Local mascot will be making appearances at local schools and certainly plans to be seen during St. Maarten’s festive Carnival.

For more information on SuperHost and Mr. Friendly, please contact IMC’s General Manager Jacqueline Louis at 543- 2150/51 or jl****@ey***.net