Dave Levenstone calls for a Referendum

Leader of the Democratic Party of Saba, Mr. Dave Levenstone on Friday evening said that in responding to the call of many persons within the community of Saba he is now calling on the Island Council of Saba to start the process in holding a referendum to hear from the people of Saba if they are in agreement or in disagreement with the decision of the Dutch Second Chamber to introduce same sex marriages, abortion and euthanasia on the BES islands and in particular the island of Saba as of October 10th 2010. 

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Levenstone said that in accordance with what he is being told on the island the incoming Member of Parliament for the Windward Islands People’s Movement Mr. Will Johnson is saying that these laws will not be part of the new situation that the island will be entering into on 10-10-10 and we need to have clarity on this matter. The people of Saba did not vote to integrate into Holland either but yet that is the case and according to him whatever the Dutch Second Chamber has agreed upon is part and parcel of what has been negotiated between Saba and the Dutch Government.

Levenstone said that seeing the time span that will be needed to organize a good referendum on the issue he would advise and recommend to the Island Council to set June 9th 2010 as the date to hold the referendum on Saba.

The question can be very simply put to the people of Saba.

Yes. I agree with the introduction of same sex marriages, abortion and euthanasia.

No, I do not agree to introduce same sex marriages, abortion and euthanasia.

The ball is now in the hands of the Island Council members to run with in the general interest of the people of Saba. Same sex marriages, abortion and euthanasia are not part of our Caribbean culture.

Levenstone said that he is also calling on the clergy and the Christian Council to also make a stand on this issue in the interest of the Saban community.

Dave Levenstone,

Political Leader of the Democratic Party of Saba.