Commissioner Hyacinth Richardson & Dr. Scot announces 2 gynecologists coming to St. Maarten

On Friday, March 12th, Commissioner Hyacinth Richardson held a press conference to talk about the appointment of 2 gynecologists that will be working in St. Maarten. 

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Present were Dr. George Scot, Managing Director of the St. Maarten Medical Center, and Edwin van Buren James, Health Advisor to Commissioner Richardson.

Commissioner Richardson, in charge of Health, said that he has had many deliberations with stakeholders to ensure optimal gynecology and obstetrics care.

Dr. Scot and I not only decided but were able to attract two more gynecologists to guarantee the level of proper health care service at the Medical Center.

Thankfully, today I can state that as of March 15, Dr. Verwey will start working to cover the understaffing and he will be replaced by Dr. Jong and Dr. Wennink on April 1st.

I am aware of the fact that we are still in need of more specialists in various other medical fields.

With this in mind, as we continue to work towards Country St. Maarten and the betterment of this island, I along with the relevant stakeholders will continue to do whatever is within our power to ensure that you the people are able to obtain adequate medical care.

On behalf of the Government, I would like to thank Dr. Verwey, Dr. Wennink, and Dr. Jong.

Dr. Scot gave a brief account of the Gynecologist on St. Maarten. He said that since the year 2000, there have been 3 doctors in this field. Last year one of the doctors left, and with the leaving of another, there was a need to attract doctors in gynecology. There is need for at least 3 ½ gynecologists on St. Maarten

Following a number meetings, and with the cooperation and assistance of a medical institution in the Netherlands, we are working with a pool of 7 doctors; 2 of which will be working on a 3-4 month rotation basis. One will start on March 15th, and this doctor will be replaced by 2 other doctors on April 1st. Thus there will be 2 at the Hospital plus Doctors Friday and Petit, and the Midwife Ms. R Janga.

Scot added that out of the pool of 7 doctors, it will have to be determined which two are going to work with the Medical center/on St. Maarten on a long term basis.

In addition, there are efforts being made to acquire two midwives from abroad. There are currently 2 persons from St. Maarten studying to be a mid wife; and another who has completed her studies, but currently working in the Netherlands—all 3 have indicated that they are willing to return, so we, Dr. Scot said, we are having discussions and staying in communication.

On the short term basis however, we are speaking to 2 midwives, one from Suriname and the other from the Netherlands, who are willing to work on St. Maarten.