Letter from Mr.Dave Levenstone

With the Second chamber in The Netherlands approving the laws for the BES islands and also making it clear those same sex marriages, abortion and euthanasia will be introduced on the BES islands it is now time to start asking some questions based on equality within the Kingdom. 

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Several years ago as everyone would recall Saba and Statia use to benefit from the so called Dutch Drivers license tourism. With Saba now becoming part of the Netherlands as a public entity and fully integrating the question that comes to mind is if Dutch nationals from the Netherlands will be now able to come to Saba and start obtaining their drivers license once again?

On the basis of equality can we expect to see Coffee houses being erected on the BES where persons would be able to freely go and purchase their soft drugs for their own use? If we are talking about equality for the three aforementioned issues then the Drivers license and Coffee house soft drugs policy should be also carried out on the BES islands without any problems.

Already we can see that the Dutch cultural way of living is going to infringe on our local cultural way of living which is surely dying out slowly. Dutch liberal habits will be introduced on us without us having any say whatsoever and is this what we as a people really want for the youth of our islands?

Looking into the future I can foresee many Dutch habits being brought to thee three islands and at a point I feel that we as a proud Caribbean people won’t be able to stop it because these unheard of cultures are being backed up by laws laid down by the Second Chamber. But it will be very interesting to hear and see if once we reach the 10-10-10 date that Dutch nationals from the Netherlands can come here once again and obtain their drivers license as this would be a good boost for the local economy once again.

The word is now out there for those that is for 100% in favor of integration to at least let the community of Saba knows if this will be possible once again and if soft drugs will become the order of the day? Mind you we have been told over and over again that we are not interested into any equality business we are into this for a good standard of living for the people.

Dave Levenstone,

"The Enemy of the State".