Minister of Justice Magali Jacoba Speech for the late police officer Mr.Elbert Scoop

Minister of Justice Magali Jacoba her speech at the Roman Catholic Church in Philipsburg during the memorial of the Late police officer Elbert Scoop

Speech Minister of Justice, Mrs. Magali Jacoba March 6th 2010

Tribute to Elbert Schoop 

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Today we are gathered here together to give tribute to a gentleman, who left us too soon to be part of a greater life.

No more pain, much more comfort.

I didn’t know him personally, this young gentleman of 41 years. But since his death early this week I became much more aware of him. I’ve seen him many times during my countless visits as Minister of Justice to the island of Sint Maarten. He had escorted me, together with other colleagues many times from the airport to the hotel, so I could reach on time to my appointments on the island.

Always friendly, always very active. He was there! You couldn’t get around without noticing him.

I have to say that I have known him as a police officer, who was there for me when I was on the island.

And I have to say that he was here for the community of Sint Maarten and for the people of Sint Maarten. The fact that the police force brought him back to the island he served, since he became a police officer in February 2000, so his colleagues can give him a tribute he truly deserves, proves that he was well liked in the police force.

And the fact that the church today is packed with so many people, proves that he also served his community well.

Officer Elbert Felipe Schoop was born on Curacao eleventh of November 1969 and died on the third of March 2010. Too soon, too young. Elbert loved his job, which we know was his calling. It shows because before becoming a police officer he served in Curacao as a peacekeeper in the Voluntary Corps of Curacao and continued doing this in the Voluntary Corps of Sint Maarten, helping the police to fight crime and protect the community.

I was told he was one of the first DARE-officers, meaning that he also believed in preventing and educating children to become good citizens of Sint Maarten.

Elbert Schoop is gone. He left mourning families and friends. Elbert is gone … too young … too soon. Such a great police officer, such a good son to his mother.

To his mother, partner and children, to his colleagues, friends and all those who knew him, my most sincere condolences. May he, along with other angels there in heaven, watch over us and rest in peace.