International Women’s Day message from Mrs.Maria Buncamper-Molanus

International Women’s Day celebrates the achievements of women, and promotes their freedom, and social and economic equality. 

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As we join other women around the world in marking this day, we have no choice but to appreciate the struggles, recognize the progress, acknowledge the work of our own, be inspired by the courage women over the years and collectively push the envelope until the world can truly celebrate equal rights, equal opportunities and progress for all. It is therefore appropriate that this is the theme or International Women’s Day for 2010.

Regardless of heritage or socio economics there are some things that are universal to us as women, and that is our experiences as women. Grounded in our commitment for independence and progress, women have made relentless efforts, and even struggles, for our rights around the world over the last one hundred years.

Since assuming my role as a public servant, I have met, spoken to and worked with women in a diverse range of important leadership positions. They are women of enormous skill, passion and commitment who range from varied backgrounds but despite some hardships, fulfill their roles as mothers and professionals in this community. The unheralded and unrecognized volunteer work being undertaken by women on St. Maarten are vital contributions in providing community services that simply could not be delivered from the public purse.

Today, International Women’s Day, is an appropriate day to recognize all those women who give their time, professionalism and compassion in a wide range of endeavors that support women and promote equality. Today is a day of celebration, of recognition of the distinctive qualities of women and what they contribute to all facets of life.

The undeniable fact is that women today enjoy a lot of opportunities and independence compared to women of previous generations, but we are still, around the world, being constantly reminded of our rights and privileges as if these rights and privileges can somehow be taken away from us. Although in our part of the world we enjoy security of those rights and privileges, our sisters in some parts of the world cannot get comfortable in what they have achieved thus far.

We must continue to reinforce and reflect on where we are as women, in our struggle for equality, peace and development, and embrace chances to unite and mobilize for meaningful change. Are we there yet? The answer is no. But not an unequivocal no, as we have come a long way, and we have the precursors in place to achieve much more in the future. This should be a time for optimism.

To all my sisters, Happy International Women’s Day


International Women’s Day message

Maria Buncamper-Molanus

Member Of The Island Council of St. Maarten

DP Faction

St. Maarten March 7th 2010