DP wants more Information from the Island Council on St. Maarten’s rebranding promotion

On request of the Democratic Party, the Central Committee was privy on Friday last to a presentation of "St. Maarten’s rebranding promotion".  

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In requesting that this presentation be made to members of the island council, Council lady Wescot-Williams asked if it was government’s view that members should view this branding during their next visit to the United States, as many have seen this presentation locally, with the exception of the Island Council of Sint Maarten. The Government however did not let it go that far and had the presentation done to the Central Committee.

The presentation was quite straight forward, some unique photos of the island, both French and Dutch sides, prompting questions from the Democratic Party about the relationship between both sides of the island as far as promoting St. Maarten is concerned, as concerns have been expressed in several quarters as to the less than optimal relations in this area. The government assured the island council that the cooperation between the two sides is very much alive.

Members of the Democratic Party were also interested in tourism data as far as this renewed attempt at marketing the island is concerned. It was clear from the presentation and comments by government that the Tourism Master Plan of Sint Maarten is still the blue print for tourism-related activities by government.

This brought to the fore the statements attributed to Commissioner Frans Richardson during the Caribbean Market Place event, held in Puerto Rico recently. Newspaper reports suggested at the time that the Commissioner was making a pitch for "slowing down" tourism on Sint Maarten in favor of the island catching up with its infrastructure and the like. The Commissioner was unaware of these publications, citing him.

Again, it’s not whether one agrees or disagrees with government’s alleged policies or visions or the perceived lack thereof, but the ad-hoc way the NA/Heyliger/Laveist government is managing the country. The constant springing of ideas and plans from government, often times without any follow-up or feed back or credible and well thought-out plan is making it seem more and more that the left hand knows not what the right hand is doing.

On our way to country status, this attitude by government is counter-productive.

Democratic Party of Sint Maarten

Sarah Wescot-Williams