DP Press release: Central Committee Meeting with GEBE Cancelled

Much to our surprise, we were informed that the meeting of the Central Committee with GEBE, requested by the Democratic Party and scheduled for Monday, March 8th has been canceled until further notice. 

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This, notwithstanding GEBE’s communication that the meeting could be held on March 22nd. The Democratic Party is left in the dark as to the reason(s) for this postponement, but regrets that at this time, when government needs to pro actively deal with the matters of tariff structure and concession of GEBE, the island council is denied the opportunity to deliberate with this government-owned company on the matters affecting the people of our island.

Furthermore, the government needs to decide on GEBE’s tariffs and the concession fee promptly to avoid serious financial consequences for GEBE itself..

How can a government be so insensitive to the needs of the people, at a time when electricity rates change from month to month and consumers are left "groping in the dark".

We await with much anticipation government’s decision on these matters and its decision to collect 5 million guilders in concession fee from GEBE. Will this mean an even higher electricity bill for the consumer? And in the meantime, we wait……………………..