Central Committee Meeting to be held March 10th & 11th 2010

The Democratic Party has been notified that the meetings requested by us will be held on Wednesday and Thursday, March 10th and 11th respectively, both at 10 am. 

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The Central Committee meeting on Wednesday will be on the topic of "government’s position on (incidental) subsidies/investments". This topic has been raised due to the lack of an adequate response by the NA/Heyliger/Laveist government on the matter of subsidies and the budget 2010. In addition, when one considers recent publications regarding the Carnival Foundation and the Heineken Regatta, it leaves one to wonder how this government views subsidies, the budget and the ordinance regulating subsidies by government. Is this ordinance still in effect or is the government guided by other regulations? We hope through the Central Committee to get clarity for the organizations affected and the public at large.

On Thursday, we hope to hear from government its views on the draft 2010 budget. Again, the government has been evasive and outright arrogant in its reactions to the island council on matters of the budget. The government seems to have no issue with the fact that basically all they can do at the moment is keep government afloat on the basis of the 2009 budget.

"We are taking this matter much too serious" has been government’s response.

Well, let us see why the government in the face of all the criticism St.Maarten is receiving due to this budget dilemma, can still tell us: "It’s nothing to worry about."

On behalf of the Democratic Party Faction in the Island Council Sarah Wescot-Williams