The Minister of Justice Met with the Lt Governors

Friday March 5th the minister of Justice Magali Jacoba met with the Lt Governors , as it is known every 3 months, all Lt Governors of the Netherlands Antilles come together to exchange different topics with each other. 

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The encounter with the Minister of Justice is also part of there meeting with the Lt Governors and this time it took place on Saba. The topic for this meeting was National Ordinance on Admission and Expulsion (LTU [Landsverordening Toelating en Uitzetting]) and all aspects that is actually coming forward at this moment an is the topic of discussion. The Brooks Tower accord was also part of the discussion, the procedure of the Haitian situation, new immigration laws and the Digital system of the immigration (FMS), new instruction an relevant to the LTU. A decision has come that the Minister of Justice will invite all Lt Governors to come together to continue the talks on different points that all ready been mention.

Minister of Justice

Magali Jacoba