Commissioner Richardson signs USONA agreement for Baseball and Basketball facilities

On Friday, March 5, Commissioner Frans Richardson signed an agreement with USONA, the Dutch funding agency, along with Pream architect and consultants, to build a baseball field in Belvedere and a basketball court in Dutch Quarter. 

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The cost of the project is just under a million guilders (Naf. 928,000), and the time frame is about 4 months, if there are no incidentals.

Commissioner Richardson said that he was proud to see the project come to fruition, seeing that it was dormant for some time. With the encouragement and persistence of Kurt Ruan, Head of New Works, the dossier was activated and executed in order to continue with the project.

"I am also extremely happy to see that the young people will be able to play baseball on a proper field and basketball on a proper court.

"They will now have something to do, besides just sitting on the corner. This will be constructive. Too often we see kids hanging around and doing nothing, I hope that the young children will use the facilities often, and I urge them to take care of the baseball field and the basket ball court.

I would like to thank the Dutch Government and USONA for the funding and the assistance.