Commissioner Marlin Congratulates TelEm Group on Faster Blackberry Service

Commissioner responsible for Telecommunication, Mr. William Marlin, has congratulated TelEm Group on its recent "soft" launch of its Blackberry Smartphone service to the St. Maarten public. 

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Recognizing that TelEm Group is not the first out with the Blackberry product on St. Maarten, Commissioner Marlin however acknowledged that the company’s service lays claim to being the fastest.

"I expect this to be good for TelEm and its employees but also of benefit to the consumer, who in today’s changing world of technology can hardly keep up with the changes," said Commissioner Marlin.

The presentation of a new Blackberry Bold 2 and a Blackberry account was made to Commissioner Marlin and also to Tourism Commissioner, Mr. Frans Richardson during a presentation ceremony at the TelEm Group Building, Thursday.

Chief Commercial Officer, Brian Mingo, said similar packages will be presented to TelEm Group Shareholder, Lt. Governor Mr. Frankly Richards and other members of the Island Council next week.

Mr. Mingo said TelEm Group is especially pleased to offer Blackberry Smartphones to a wider group of residents and business on St. Maarten by making pre-paid Blackberry service available on the island.

He said in just two weeks the company has signed up a record number of customers for both the prepaid and post-paid service and expect more to join the buzz as sales and special offers continue.

Chief Financial Officer, Mrs. Helma Etnel, said other government officials will be presented with their new phones ahead of a major launch of Blackberry by the company’s mobile carrier TelCell, in the coming weeks.

"Our customers are very pleased with the product, especially its speed and the flexibility of having a pre-paid or post paid account with an affordable contractual package," said Mrs. Etnel following the presentation Thursday.