Never make rules that can be fatal for innocent people. BZV, the health insurance company, made this mistake. 

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BZV has a policy to discourage people to go to the hospital during Carnival time or Christmas time, because in the past, people took advantage of the BZV, more people happened to fall ill during these periods, just to have an airplane ticket for Christmas shopping or to celebrate the Carnival.

While Curacao and Bonaire were having Carnival, a young man died here on Statia. BZV did not let him travel to the hospital in Curacao.

The island is in mourning, because it was a special young man. Shirland Schrewhardt had Down‘s syndrome and with that, he found his place in our society. He was well loved. Looking at him and the way his family and friends treated him, love, tolerance and brotherhood looked back at you. He is missed by all. His funeral is Wednesday March 3.