French Baseball/Softball Federation seeking Baseball players of French St. Martin

In connection with upcoming Baseball tournaments where France will be participating, the French St. Martin Baseball/Softball and the PONY Baseball/Softball Associations, as organizers of baseball on French St. Martin, received letters from the head coach of the French Baseball Federation, Mr. Sylvain Virey, whereby he is seeking players of St. Martin to form part of the various French selections to attend these tournaments scheduled to be held in Germany – Canada and the Czech Republic. 

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The intention is to have players with French nationality register with the French St. Martin Baseball/Softball Association after which the players will undergo tryouts and selection. Mr. Virey is expected to be on the island by the end of April for the selection process. Assisting Mr. Virey with the coordination process will be Mr. Duchene Juelo Santana and Mr. Gabriel Brown.

The idea is also to have this serve as an opportunity to help kids attend French colleges and in the future to form part of the French national selection for the World Baseball Classic of 2012.

Based on comments received from Mr. Virey with regards to the METS Baseball team, many St. Martin players stand a chance of being selected.

Registration can take place at the office of the French St. Martin Baseball/Softball Association located at Rue de Hollande #57 or by emailing fr***************@ho*****.com.