Public Announcement from the Police Department

In connection with upcoming yearly "Heiniken Regatta" which will be held on Sint Maarten/ Saint Martin from Thursday March 4th until Sunday March 7th 2010 the Police Department is making the following public announcement.  

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This Heiniken Regatta which is scheduled to officially start on Thursday March 4th on the premises of Port de Plaisance on the Union road in Cole bay, will be one of the largest ones ever held. During this period there will be many visitors on the island who will be attending these events along with many persons living on the island. The traffic during this period will be much busier than usual. The Police department is therefore asking for total support and cooperation from the entire public, in order to make this entire event a successful one.

From Thursday morning March 4th and during the Regatta week-end until Sunday March 7th, because of the limited parking in Philipsburg area, the recently filled in and still under construction Ring road will be open for public parking, in order to accommodate all persons attending the events.

On Sunday March 7th during the last event which will be held at the Kim Sha beach, the Police department is informing the general public, that for safety and emergency reasons, no cars will be allowed to park on either side of the Billy Folly road ( road leading into Pelican Resort). Any vehicle parked on that road during this event and is obstructing the smooth flow of traffic will be towed at the cost of the owner.