KTK to operate in Panama

WILLEMSTAD — Until now, the tugboat company KTK had not revealed it had another two new boats under construction.


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The Tribon and Barakuda will be ready in May and are to operate in several harbors in Panama where KTK had recently established a subsidiary company.

KTK Panama SA has an own office in Panama City that will operate the two new tugboats. Initially, the tugboats will not be operating in the channel, which has its own boats. With the recently acquired licence, KTK can operate within all jurisdictions of the Panamanian territory. Regarding the channel, KTK will have to submit an official application first.

Damen Shipyards is currently building the two new tugboats at the Galati-shipyard in Rumania. Both boats each have a length of 28 meters and a width of 10 meters of the type ASD, just like the Mero which had been added to the KTK-fleet two years ago. "Two entirely new bruisers of 5000 h.p.", Kompania di Tou Kòrsou proudly announces.
Ocean tugboat Orca is also under construction at a shipyard of the Dutch shipbuilders Damen in Indonesia. This vessel measures a length of 40 meters and is nearly weighs three times more than the tugboats of the current fleet. KTK had this ship built for long voyages. The Orca can cross all oceans.
"With the establishment of KTK Panama SA and operations in the largest harbors of the region, we may proudly conclude that Curaçao has become the richer by another multinational."