Police Report:Robbery in Front Street Jewel Store, Police patrol battled with stones

Robbery in Front Street Jewel Store

On Friday February 26th the manager of the jewel store Touch of Gems located in the Front street with the initials S.P.M.M. filed an official report with the detective department and stated that on that same day at approximately 11.30 a.m. two unknown young men entered the store and asked to see a particular gold chain. 

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As the chain was handed over to them for inspection both men took-off running and fled the store. A description of the suspects was given to the detectives and an investigation is ongoing.


Police patrol battled with stones during investigation

On Saturday February 27th approximately 10.30 p.m. a police patrol from the Philipsburg District was sent by the Central Police Dispatch to the Emergancy Houses in Union Farm, to investigate a case of a stolen vehicle with license plate 9652 ZZ 971. The vehicle was being driven by unknown persons. On the scene the patrol encountered the vehicle in question, which at the time had already been abondend by the suspects. Suddenly during the investigation done by the officers on the scene, several stones were thrown at them, hampering the investigation. Due to the darkness the officers could not determine which direction the stones were coming from or who the culprits were. The patrol immediately informed the Central Police Dispatch of the ongoing situation and requested additional back-up and a towing truck. For there personal safety the patrol retreated from the immediate area.The patrol that arrived as back-up also stated that on the way to the scene they too were battled by unknown persons. An intense search in the area to locate the culprits had no results. The stolen car was towed by a towing company and an investigation is ongoing.

NOTE: It has become quite frequent lately that when police officers are patroling or conducting investigations in the Dutch Quarter/Zorg en Rust/ Union Farm areas they are being verbally threatened and or battled by a group of unknown persons. These situations are unacceptable.These threats and armed attacks are serious criminal acts and the police department has started an investigation to locate and arrest the persons responsible for these acts and to make sure they are prosecuted.