Saved from destruction


WILLEMSTAD — The old outbuildings of a city hall on Kalksteeg in Pietermaai have been saved from destruction.


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The monuments will be renovated into apartments, just as many other buildings in this part of the town have been renovated in the meantime.
The apartments are located behind the monument building Pietermaai 51, which houses the reception of the rental apartments. The center as well as the front- and back gallery of the city hall date back to the eighteenth century. The outbuildings had been added during the second half of the nineteenth century.
The outbuildings had been in a deplorable state of repair, but during the past year and under the watchful eye of the monument-bureau of Drov; they had been transformed into urban apartments for two persons.
The fancy apartments are rented to people requiring temporary accommodation. In the intervening period, Pietermaai Apartments rents them to tourists. The apartments have an own entrance on Kalksteeg and back on to a tropical garden with a swimming pool. Due to the combination of residents, the intended inner city atmosphere from the developers gradually returns.

"In the meantime, we have moved on to the next alley and started the renovation of colorful buildings on Schoonesteeg. We expect to be able to complete this renovation by the end of this year", says Wilfred Hendriksen, who is responsible for the renovation of this part of the inner city, together with Jan Peltenburg. A mini-market, domestic caterer and an Italian restaurant are planned in these buildings, adjacent to a small plaza. The intention is to rent these companies to independent entrepreneurs, who will also expend effort on this development area.