Recapping of the LB Scott Road Texaco Roundabout

The Sector of R.O.B., department of New Projects and Maintenance would like to inform the general public that the recapping of the LB Scott road will start on Thursday the 25th of February 2010 from 20:00 hours / 8.00 PM.  

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The upgrading of L.B. Scott Road, including the Texaco Round-a-bout, will be a continuation of the upgrading projects. The last of such projects was that of the AJC Brouwer Road.

All road works for this project will in general be executed at night. Trenching works alongside the L.B. Scott road will not affect the traffic flow. 

During working hours the various alternative routes will be indicated and advised.

The L.B. Scott road will not be closed completely in both directions. Traffic measures and signs will be installed to allow a smooth flow of the traffic at night. Vehicles can use the indicated alternative routes depending on their direction and destinations.

With the upgrading of the L.B. Scott road, the restructuring of the driveway asphalt layers will be in place, including new road markings, drainage upgrade, among other improvements.

For more information about the repair work interested persons can contact the Sector of R.O.B. department of New Projects and Maintenance. Project management will be executed by Mr. Benjamin Ortega.

The department would like to request the general public and motorist to exercise caution and patience during when using the L.B. Scott road during the upgrading phase.