TelCell First Out With Blackberry Bold 2

TelEm Group’s mobile Carrier TelCell has received its shipment of "the best Blackberry ever" – Blackberry® Bold 2 – and will be selling them to customers from today (Thursday). 

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The shipment of Blackberry® Bold 2 is a local scoop for TelCell. The company has been negotiating with manufacturers for several weeks to be first on the island to offer the Blackberry® Bold 2 Smartphone to TelCell customers.

Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) Brian Mingo said the phones are being offered at a discounted price of $299 for post-paid customers with a one-year contract agreement and $399 for pre-paid customers, who do not have to sign a contract agreement.

"There is an international buzz and rave reviews about the Blackberry® Bold 2 and TelEm Group is happy that it can offer the product to TelCell customers," said Mr. Mingo.

He said the combination of the lighter, more sleek, and packed-with-features Blackberry® Bold 2 is a perfect compliment to TelEm Group’s two times the speed, flexible packages and discounted prices now being offered.

"We are the first to offer Pre-paid Blackberry® in St. Maarten and one of the first to offer pre-paid Blackberry® in the entire Caribbean.

"Our speeds are two times faster and we offer up to 30 megabytes of FREE downloadable applications from Blackberry® AppWorld," said Mr. Mingo.

He said the new Blackberry® Bold 2 Smartphone will be the center of attention this weekend when the TelEm Group’s main building is once again transformed into a huge Blackberry® sales and information center.

"Due to public demand we will be repeating the sign up special for new Blackberry® users that we had earlier this month," said Manager, Marketing and Sales Mrs. Carmen Lake-Reyes.

She said TelEm Group will be deploying more staff to cope with the expected rush of customers looking to buy the new Blackberry® Bold 2 Smartphone and also customers who may have questions about the Blackberry® service generally.

"We have a limited number of the new phones at the discounted price, so we are informing customers up front that the Blackberry® Bold 2 is available while stocks last," said the Marketing and Sales Manager.

She said customers who did not get a chance to sign up for the Blackberry® service last time around will be given extra attention this weekend.

"Staff will be available to answer questions about the phone and even to give demonstrations on how to set them up and utilize the features, said Mrs. Lake-Reyes.