IMC Conducts Market Research in St. Eustatius

The "EVOLUTION" began February 23rd 2010, when Innovative Marketing Creations (IMC) General Manager Jacqueline Louis and Marketing Assistant Milouschka Euson arrived in Statia to conduct marketing research on behalf of EU-TEL, Statia’s telecommunications company.  

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IMC and EU-TEL established the EU-TEL E.V.O.L.V.E project on February 1st 2010. The acronym which stands for Experience, Value, Optimize, Loyalty, Vision, and Extraordinary demonstrates IMC’s unique approach to the communications initiative.

General Manager Louis stated that "the market research is an essential component of this project to better understand the people of Statia, and thereby develop targeted strategies to meet their telecommunications needs. Louis emphasized on the importance of the research adding "because the research is being conducted on behalf of Statians, it also needs to be driven by Statians."

IMC anticipates the input of the Statian community to help IMC define EU-TEL’s brand, strengthen their image and secure ties to the local community. Additionally, IMC will be analyzing the most efficient and effective ways to reach EU-TEL’s valuable customers.

Research will be conducted in the form of surveys and it is the first time this type of research is being done in Statia. The survey will gather information on customer satisfaction, perception, expectation, wants and needs among other related areas of EU-TEL.

IMC will also be training and drafting volunteers to assist with facilitating the surveys. "We want to involve and create interest among the students of Statia. Our intent therefore, is to recruit and empower students to conduct market research" said Louis.

Interested parties should contact IMC at Tel: 543-2150/ 2151 or email at su*****@ey***.net or jl****@ey***.net .

IMC is calling on the Statian community to come out and participate in the surveys. Surveys will be conducted at various points throughout Statia and are also available at the EU-TEL store. Persons who turn in completed surveys will be registered to win a free phone with service from EU-TEL.