Governor Richards extends warmest greetings and best wishes to Dominican Republic Consul General

…And community on Semana Dominicana

Governor Franklyn Richards extended his warmest greetings and best wishes to the Dominican Republic Consul General Doris Elsa Vasquez Martinez and members of the Dominican Republic community on the island, on the occasion of the celebration of ‘Semana Dominicana,’ earlier this week.


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Governor Richards was unable to attend the event last Saturday due to being in Puerto Rico for the Special Olympics Latin America Games.

In his letter to the Consul General, Governor Richards pointed out how the Dominican Republic shares many common interests with Sint Maarten, adding that they are not only commercial interests but have extended itself to family, cultural and social ties.

"I trust that as governmental representatives of the Dominican Republic as well as the many hard-working and law-abiding ‘Dominicanos’ with legal status on Sint Maarten, we can continue to count on your support for the ideals and principles which Sint Maarten what it is today, and which, ultimately, continues to benefit not only the Sint Martiner but non-nationals, including Dominicanos, as well.

"Today, in 2010, it remains a very real challenge, and one which should always be pursued, if we together are to become truly successful in our dreams and objectives of developing an even better Sint Maarten, for ourselves and for future generations," Governor Richards letter to the Dominican Republic Consul General Doris Elsa Vasquez Martinez said.

Governor Richards concluded in his letter that the 2010 Semana Dominicana may serve not only as an occasion to celebrate the colourful heritage, the culture, traditions, and the commemoration of Dominican Republic independence, but that it may also serve as a time of reflection on the road travelled as well as the road lying ahead.

Governor Richards ended his letter with, "For, together we must remain committed to the ideals of tomorrow’s Sint Maarten as our home…’nuestro hogar.’