Police Report: Weapons found during search in St.Peters


Acting on information received from a anonimous caller that someone was seen with two handguns, the Zero Tol. team and patrols from the Philipsburg District went to St. Peters area to investigate the matter.

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At around 05.00 p.m while on the Grapefruit road in Sint Peters, the driver of the rental car with the number plate R- 290 who was identified as the suspect in this case with the initials L. A. P. was stopped. L.A.P. is from Sint Maarten and he is living in Sandy Ground on the French side. When asked if he was in possesion of any weapons, he confirmed he did. During a search of the vehicle two fully loaded revolvers caliber .38 special were found and confiscated. Both revolvers were loaded with hollow point bullets. 10 extra hollow point bullets along with two knives were also found and confiscated. L.A.P. was arrested on the spot and taken to the Philipsburg Police Station and handed over to the Detective Department for further investigation.