Tense meeting shareholders Lions Dive

WILLEMSTAD — Rudy Pizziolo convened a shareholders’ meeting of the Lions Dive Hotel on February 17th 2010.


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The agenda mentions the replacement of three of the total five commissioners. The reason for this change in the board is a puzzle to president-commissioner Edgard Lotman.

"I am not trying to read things, but why?" he wonders. However, he dares to conclude that both main shareholders do not agree with the policy. Otherwise, I’m in the dark. "What kind of policy are we talking about? Financial policy. The organization? We have never received any signals in that direction. Everyone is scratching their head."

Pizziolo, commissioner and main shareholder (20 percent), is convening this evening’s meeting also on behalf of the other main shareholder, Egret Investments, the Dutch investment company of the descendants of Jack Scheepbouwer. Together they represent a majority of the shares.

The surprising thing is the dismissal of Toos Krediet and Tony Henriquez as commissioners. Suzy Römer and Johan Schimmel (PwC) will replace them. It is also remarkable that Pizziolo himself is withdrawing as commissioner. Mike Schoon (Sea Aquarium) will replace him. The dismissals and the appointments are the only agenda items for this extraordinary shareholders’ meeting, which remarkably enough will be held in the theatre of the adjacent Sea Aquarium. The position of Chairman Lotman and the fifth commissioner Rinus Kuipers are not up for discussion.

Twenty-four years ago, the Lions Dive Hotel & Marina had been established at the initiative of the Lions Club. That the community spirit plays a large role with this hotel is illustrated by the more than one-hundred registered shareholders.
As a small hotel, the Lions Dive has managed remarkably well, also in lesser times. The hotel can be rated among the larger hotels on the island after several expansions during the past years. The luxury level has also increased considerably.

Lotman rejects the suggestion that Pizziolo wants to focus the policy more towards the adjacent Sea Aquarium Resort. "That does not belong to our main activity. In that case, we are talking about marginal phenomenon." The interests of the Lions Dive and Sea Aquarium had frequently clashed in the past and had even led to several court cases.
The role of Pizziolo, who has numerous varying business interests on the island, in this is very interesting. Lotman assumes that as main shareholder, he will protect the interests of the Lions Dive. "I assume that we uphold principles of good governance and not work with a secret agenda", says Lotman who always views things positively.
"However, apparently something about the policy requires changing, and I am anxious as to what kind of changes."