Police Report: Man commits suicide

Man commits suicide

On Friday February 12th at approximately 08.20 a.m. a police patrol of the Philipsburg District was sent to Oysterpond road 162 to investigate a possible suicide case. 

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On the scene, the investigating officers spoke to the gardener with the initials J.B.J. who stated that when he arrived to work this morning and was stranding at the main gate, he could see the body of a person hanging from a tree on the premises. When he approached the body, he noticed that it was the body of the man he knows as "Navin". Navin was hanging from a rope around his neck and was not showing any signes of life. He immediately informed the owner of the house with initials L.D. of the situation. L.D. stated to the investigating officers, that the victim by the name Navindranauth Saylack was a mental patient who was suffering from severe depression. Dr. Mercuur who came on the scene pronounced that death of the victim.

The investigation done by the Forensic and Detective Department determined this case to be suicide.