Police Report: Four men arrested after committing armed robbery

On Wednesday morning at appoximately 09.00 a.m. a phone call came into the Central Police Dispatch from the man with initials A.B., informing them that a least four men had invaded his home. 

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During this invasion he and his was were threatened with a gun and they were robbed of the belongings. After the robbery all four men fled the scene. Immediately after recieving this information several police patrols were sent to investigate the matter. On the Guana bay road the police patrols spotted four men in a green Jeep with licenseplate 730ZBS971 driving at high speed, coming from that immediate area in the direction of Philipsburg. The patrols managed to stop this vehicle to control the occupants. During this control a pistol cal.38 and clothing were found and confiscated for further investiagtion. All four men wre arrested in on the spot in connection with this investigation. Their initials are R.F.G. from Sint Maarten, H.R. from the Dominican Republic, F.Y. and F.P. J.M. from Haiti. Also a black briefcase belonging to the victim were found in the Jeep. The Special Robbery Unit is busy with this investigation.