Dr. Alleyne guest speaker at Black History Lecture

Dr. Mervyn C. Alleyne from the University of Puerto Rico (UPR) will be the guest speaker at the Conscious Lyrics Foundation (CLF) 19th annual Black History Lecture, according to CLF. 

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The annual CLF lecture is set for Saturday, February 27, 8 pm, at the Philipsburg Jubilee Library.

Dr. Alleyne will address the 2010 lecture theme of "Awareness and Evolution." "The idea is to keep awaking levels of consciousness about us as a people while making a good assessment about the future," said CLF president Shujah Reiph.

Dr. Alleyne is the author of several books including The Construction and Representation of Race and Ethnicity in the Caribbean and the World.

Among other issues given critical attention in the book, "We may find it useful to examine the development of ethnic and racial awareness and evaluation in children," wrote Dr. Alleyne.

The professor of linguistics further examines how the meaning of race and ethnicity have been constructed historically and how they are represented symbolically with particular focus on the Caribbean.

The well-respected Dr. Alleyne is also an Emeritus Professor of Linguistics at the University of the West Indies.

This year’s Black History Lecture lecture is organized in collaboration with the Jubilee Library, said Reiph.