Police Report: 8 stolen vehicles found

On Saturday February 6th at around 5 p.m. a Philipsburg Police patrol located 8 stolen vehicles hidden deep in the bushes between Zorg en Rust and Union Farm. 

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All 8 vehicles had been recently reported stolen and the area where these vehicles were found is in very close proximity of private homes in these two neighborhoods. Two of these vehicles, one Infinty Q45 and a Kia Baleno, were set on fire as a result of which both cars were totally destroyed. The 2008 Infinity Q45 at the time it was stolen and burnt, had a value of approximately U.S. $ 45.000,-. The Suzuki Baleno had a value of approximately U.S.$ 6000,-. The other cars were one Kia Rio, One Kia Picanto, One Kia Mini van, One white Suzuki Vitara, One Daihatsu Charade and one Samsung 3M. It is very unlikely that when these two vehicles were set on fire no one in the area noticed that. It is very unfortunate that no one called the police when they saw fire and smoke in the bushes. All vehicles were towed away and the investigation to determine who the person or persons are that are responsible for this criminal act is ongoing. The police Department is asking any one who may have information that could shed some light on this investigation to call in and give that info using the Tip-line 9300 or the Detective department at 54-22222 ext. 222/224.

In addition to this case, while the police officers were on the scene of this investigation, several verbal threats towards police came from within the crowd on the Union farm side that had gathered, to see what was going on. However at the time it could not be determined who these persons were that made these verbal threats. The police department is hereby sending out a very stern message to those persons making these threats, that the police department does not take this type statements lightly and will maintain its "Zero Tolerance " policy with regards to any type of threats or negative behavior towards the police.